Exclusionary Criteria

Although La Europa works with a broad range of behaviors and emotional issues, here are some of the problems or diagnoses we are unable to accommodate:

  • Medical Instability
  • Pregnancy
  • Non-English Speaking student
  • Violence toward Others
  • Severe Autism
  • IQ below 90
  • Diagnosis of Anti-Social Personality Disorder or Conduct Disorder
  • Psychosis
  • Parental Non-Participation

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Once you recognize that your daughter needs help it is important to take action. Her responses to your inquiries up to now may have been characterized by anger or fearfulness but she is counting on you to make decisions for her wellbeing and keep her safe. We admit students year-round and understand the urgency to get her placed in a safe environment, where she can resume the journey toward realizing her potential and enjoying life again.

Contact our Admissions Director for specific information about touring the program and enrollment.

Admissions Director

Financial Assistance

Often families will consider loan options to help pay for treatment. Here is a provider who works with behavioral health financing options.

  • M-Lend at www.mlendfinance.com or 888-474-6231

When can Students Enroll?

LaEuropa operates on a rolling admissions basis which allows students that are accepted into the program to be admitted anytime we have a space available. To find out about space availability or to speak with our Admissions Director about whether or not LaEuropa might be an appropriate next step for your daughter, please call 801-916-5696. To begin the application process please follow the link, Online Application, to our online application form.