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When Can Students Enroll?

Once a parent recognizes their teen needs help, it is important to take action.  We understand the urgency to get your child placed in a safe environment, where they can resume the journey toward realizing their potential and enjoying life again. Our team will work closely with you through the admissions process to answer your questions and provide all the information necessary for families to make an informed decision as to whether La Europa is the best fit.   Our goal is to not only support the student, but the entire family as well.

If you would like to speak to someone from our Admissions Team, please contact them during regular business hours Monday-Friday 8:00 am-5:00 pm/MT.   If a situation needs immediate attention, and cannot wait until the next business day, feel free to contact us after business hours. 

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Iris Wagner | Admissions Director

Phone:  801-916-5696



Student Profile
Can LaEuropa Meet My Teen's Needs?

La Europa enrolls students, ages 14-17 who are assigned female at birth.  At La Europa,  we have an inclusive and affirming environment for LGBTQ+ students and students that might be exploring gender identity.  The majority of students at La Europa have a history of depression/anxiety and will likely also struggle with some of the following:

Attachment issues
Emotional Disregulation
Suicidal Ideation
Secondary substance use or eating disorder
(medically stable)
Social media and technology misuse/overuse

School resistance or refusal
Complex family systems
Grief and loss
Disruptive behaviour at home
Low self-esteem or motivation
ASD Level 1
Gender dysphoria and identity issues


Exclusionary Criteria

Although La Europa Academy works with a broad range of emotional struggles and diagnoses, we always do our best to ensure that our students receive the support they need. We are unable to accommodate the following challenges:

  • Current pregnancy
  • ASD Level 2 & 3
  • Sexual perpetrator
  • Repeated AWOL from previous facilities
  • Florid psychosis
  • Students requiring detox
  • History of aggression toward peers


Admissions Process
What Does the Admissions Process Look Like?

If you would like to pursue La Europa as a potential placement for your child, you will begin to work with one of our admissions team as you navigate the admissions process:

Screening Process

Your child will undergo a screening process, including a review of their psychological evaluation, IEP/504 Plan, medical records, and conversations with previous therapists, to assess their suitability for our program.

Tour the Campus

If your child is approved to enroll, we would then encourage you to come tour our campus and meet our team in person. If you are unable to travel to meet us in person, we are happy to accommodate a tour virtually via video chat.

Fill out an application

To fill out the application, you will need to receive a link from our admissions team.


A Glimpse Before Enrollment

Touring La Europa prior to enrollment is not a requirement for admission; however, we have found that visiting allows parents the opportunity to get a better sense and feel of our program and campus. Tours are arranged by our Admissions Director and generally occur during regular business hours Monday-Friday.  Please allow approximately three hours when touring as you will have the opportunity to speak with some or all of the following: our Executive Director, Clinical Director, Expressive Arts Director, Academic Director, and current students. You will also be able to walk through the School House and Residence.  Please note, we do not schedule tours on weekends or after 5 PM on business days. 

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Packing List
What To Bring To La Europa Academy?

Please find the packing list below for your printing convenience, allowing you to check off items as you prepare.

Packing Checklist

Whats provided?




Hygene Box

Closet Shelf Organizers

Water Bottle

Shipping Items to La Europa Academy
Use this address if you need to ship anything from home via UPS, USPS, or FedEx

Student name c/o La Europa Academy 1121 E. Vine Street Murray, UT 84121


Financial Assistance
How Do We Work With Insurance Companies?

At La Europa Academy we understand that accessing much-needed, appropriate treatment for your child can pose a daunting financial challenge.  The potential of insurance coverage to help defray some of the cost is a significant consideration.  For this reason, La Europa works with a third-party insurance advocacy and billing company to provide insurance services such as verification of benefits, pre-authorization/certification, utilization review, submitting claims directly, or handling appeals.  This third-party insurance billing company prefers to start working with a family prior to enrollment.  This is much more effective than playing catch-up after an insurance company has issued a denial.  

When factoring in the potential for insurance coverage it is important to understand that parents are always responsible for payment of the monthly tuition, fees for services, and all costs associated with care at the time of billing regardless of potential insurance coverage. When an insurance payment is received it is applied to the student’s account and the compensatory reduction will be reflected in the next billing cycle.  Potential insurance coverage does not modify the payment agreement.

The following questions and answers may help to better understand how obtaining insurance benefits might work:

Coverage of residential treatment is now mandated by most state and federal laws. Most insurance companies require pre-authorization. They will pre-authorize if they consider treatment medically necessary. If an insurance company authorizes coverage, they typically do so in 3-7 day increments.  After this initial period, the insurance company will request additional clinical information to authorize additional days.  Once an insurance company determines that a student no longer meets their definition of medical necessity, it is likely they will deny authorization for the full daily rate of residential treatment. When the insurance company will no longer authorize the daily rate, some insurance companies will continue to pay for individual, family, and group therapy sessions.  If a denial occurs at any stage of your claims, the insurance billing company will attempt to assist you with an appeal.  Because La Europa is not a provider on any insurance, most insurance companies might reimburse at an out-of-network percentage of our posted daily rate.

La Europa does not work directly with any insurance carriers.  Instead, we work with our third-party insurance billing company.  This company will provide all insurance services including authorizations, utilization reviews, and billing for all authorized days to your insurance carrier. If a denial occurs at any stage, the insurance advocacy company can also assist in an appeal if you choose to do so.  La Europa will make our clinical records available to assist them in the process of continuing authorization, utilization review, and submitting claims.   

Prior to admission, you will provide your insurance information to La Europa.  By default, this information is immediately directed to our third-party insurance billing company.  They will contact your insurance to determine what kind of coverage you might have for residential treatment.  If eligibility for residential benefits is established, you should provide all needed information as promptly as possible and work closely with our billing company throughout the process. Our insurance billing company will initiate a claim and provide reasonable support to facilitate appropriate documentation for the benefit, including billing for applicable services.

Every insurance plan is different. It is important to familiarize yourself with your plan and the exclusionary criteria. Once an insurance carrier will no longer authorize the daily rate, our insurance billing company can continue to submit claims for individual, family, and group therapy sessions.  We do have families who receive benefits for their child’s care but it takes time and diligence. Our Clinical team strives to provide the necessary documentation to potentially defeat insurance denial. Getting insurance funds is a team effort! 

Some school districts may authorize payments of at least the educational portion of the stay at La Europa if your child has an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) established that indicates they might need specialized education in a residential setting.  This process can take time and should be started with your home school district.  La Europa Academy is currently on the CDE list for the state of California.