Clinically Sophisticated Treatment

The clinical program at La Europa includes three core components of treatment used to help each student experience healing and develop competency. We use a combination of insight-oriented therapeutic approaches, expressive therapies, behavioral and family systems therapy to help students overcome a variety of challenging issues. Our clinical services are structured around two main models or philosophies of change.

Students at La Europa have 13 - 15 hours per week of master’s level therapy. Individual therapy happens one time per week, and depending on the needs of the student can happen two times per week in shorter increments. Group therapy happens twice daily with students receiving both regular, process-oriented group therapy and expressive arts therapy. Group and expressive therapies are individualized for the students’ specific needs. Each day, a number of topics and types of experiential groups are offered so students can be placed into groups that best meet their needs. Family therapy happens one time weekly for an hour and a half using video conferencing.