Spacious Living, Smaller Peer Groups

Our residence is attractive, spacious and home-like. Building on the theme of "Europe", after our name, all our bedrooms are designated as popular European cities! We generally have three to four students to a bedroom and each bedroom has its own large bathroom. Each student has room for their own personal belongings. 

At La Europa, we divide our student population into two separate communities. We believe that smaller student groups allow for more intensive staff interaction, less social pressure, and fewer stimuli to manage daily for those who may be sensitive to the noise and activity level of larger communities. According to state guidelines, we are staffed for the safety of our students. Our residential staff mentors at La Europa are hired for their ability to connect with people and they are trained to be healthy role models to the students.

Our Residential Philosophy

Community Interaction -Although La Europa is licensed as a residential treatment center and provides a sophisticated clinical program, we are not a lock-down facility. We believe in community interaction in order to normalize the treatment experience as much as possible for our students and help them practice skills in the community. Our students are able to go off campus with other peers and staff, on average, five to seven times per week. This increases their chances for a successful transition back home. 

A series of home passes throughout their stay allows the students and families to learn to generalize new skills which helps the team (including student, parents, therapist, referral source and other staff) to measure student and family progress. 

Student life at La Europa is busy and exciting! The students are involved in many recreational, artistic and community activities each week. They set wellness goals and participate regularly in P.E., wellness activities and Murray Recreation Center programs. And of course there is time for social interaction, personal and community creative activities, school and therapy.