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Welcome to La Europa Academy

You’ve watched your student grow and imagined their future—a future in which they soar realizing all their potential. Those dreams may have been challenged as you watched your child struggle with depression, anxiety, trauma, addictive behavior, and low self-esteem. At La Europa Academy, a premier Residential Treatment Center, we help our students step confidently into young adulthood with the resilience to meet life’s challenges. La Europa Academy is a place of healing where our students, adolescents ages 14-17 find themselves and unlock their potential through creativity, intensive therapeutic modalities, and expressive therapy groups. We combine a nurturing environment, a sophisticated clinical approach and challenging academic curriculum to help our students heal and grow as they develop coping skills, find their voice, discover their identity and find joy in their journey.

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Parents often wonder how La Europa Academy will be able to reach their student and create change. Part of the answer lies in the ability of expressive therapies to reach beyond words. Students who have been involved in regular talk therapy often learn how to avoid talking about, and therefore dealing with issues that are emotionally difficult. Those same students find a language of their own as they participate in art, dance/movement, music, psychodrama, writing/poetry, trauma yoga or sand tray therapies. Students attend a combination of expressive therapy groups multiple times per week and will likely rotate through the majority of these groups while they are a La Europa Academy. Students often find the courage to face what they have been avoiding by using the expressive modalities, which are provided by master’s level clinicians who are board-certified specialists in their expressive modality.

WE BELIEVE that Expressive Therapies have the ability to reach beyond words allowing a student to explore through a variety of modalities and create a pathway through their defenses.

WE BELIEVE that everyone is doing their best AND everyone can do better. Through DBT, we help our students translate their insight into concrete skills to change their behavior.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) is both a philosophy to help student’s view their challenges from a functional, strength-based perspective and a structure to help staff mentors move students toward positive change. Many of our students have had exposure to DBT skills and have struggled to implement the skills they have learned. They often feel hopeless and conclude that “DBT doesn’t work”. La Europa Academy helps students practice DBT skills in the moment when they are struggling. Students are able to figure out what works for them and how to best use the skills they are learning to decrease emotional reactivity. Parents are also taught to use DBT interventions to improve their interactions with their child.
Creative expression is essential to the process of healing. Many of our students come to us with a background of art, drama, dance, writing or music. Other students are creative, but still finding what they love or some might just enjoy crafts and creative activities. Students are given the chance for therapeutic expression through an artistic or creative medium. Our campus and caring staff provide students with the ability to discover their passion and find joy in creativity. With a dance studio, art studio, designated music room and other creative spaces, students can explore art, music, ceramics, dance, photography, psychodrama, singing, theater and much more.

WE BELIEVE that using creativity and expression helps our students discover their inner world, build confidence and create a healthy identity.

WE BELIEVE that a strong and challenging academic program is an important component of helping our students heal, develop resiliency and competency to establish a future direction in life.

Our academic program is a strong college preparatory curriculum. This curriculum can also be easily modified to accommodate the learning style of each student. Our students attend classes with highly qualified, full-time licensed teachers. La Europa Academy is accredited through Cognia, a nationally recognized accrediting agency. Students feel supported and challenged with smaller class sizes, direct teacher instruction and individualized student goals to meet each student where they are on their academic journey. Whether a student has struggled in school or excelled, they will either find or continue to have a feeling of success in our school. As students experience academic success, this creates hope that they can overcome other challenges.



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