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Education That Goes Beyond

Our core belief is that a strong and challenging academic program is important in helping our students heal, develop resiliency, integrate into home life and establish direction for their future. We strive to create an authentic, real world school learning environment with teacher-led rigorous classes, study hall periods and lockers for students.  The daily school schedule at La Europa is like most high schools. We want our students to have the opportunity to practice  academic and social skills including self-advocacy with their teachers. 

Our vision at La Europa Academy is to provide authentic experiences and to teach skills and values which empower all students to achieve their fullest potential. We do this by providing a welcoming, safe and supportive learning environment in which everyone is equal and all achievements are celebrated.  We are champions of life-long learning, and as such, we challenge ourselves and our students to step beyond where they and we now stand.

Our mission is to educate all students to the highest levels of academic achievement, to enable them to expand their potential, and to prepare them to become responsible, ethical, creative and compassionate members of society.  

La Europa Academy believes that a stimulating educational program can be another important key to restoring balance and health to our students. We provide a high-quality, fully accredited educational program that includes traditional academic studies, a solid core curriculum, foreign language online classes, and computer-aided instruction for those teens wanting additional electives.

Our school is accredited through Cognia which means that credits easily transfer to any public or private school a student might attend once they complete the clinical program at La Europa Academy.  La Europa will help students meet requirements from the state granting their diploma. Students who are completing their high school credits at La Europa, can earn a high school diploma by filling the Utah State Office of Education graduation requirements.

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Our Teachers Make A Difference

Our teachers truly care for our students and do an excellent job of making school accessible for them.  Teachers at La Europa are highly trained, certified in their area of expertise and fully licensed. Small class sizes enable students to have more of a voice and get more attention in class than they would in a larger school setting.  Our teachers are  able to help students get centered so they can learn more effectively. In addition, we have mentors in the classrooms and hallways for emotional support. During daily study hall, students have access to teachers for one-on-one attention and coaching.

Our traditional classroom instruction benefits from small classroom sizes, providing the individual attention our students might need. Special attention is paid to meeting the needs of each individual student. Individualized academic support focuses on meeting IEP or 504 plan recommendations when needed, building executive functioning skills and assisting students in preparing for their college experience.  Many students arrive at La Europa needing to make up school credits. This is accomplished with a year-round school schedule and individualized instruction. We often find that students not only make up missed credits but then excel. Our goal is to develop positive self-esteem in a climate that stimulates creativity and individuality. We feel that a wide variety of experiences are necessary to help teenagers discover and enhance their talents. We help each student to experience success that can be applied to all aspects of our education and clinical programs.

Academic expectations are high, and with the guidance of highly trained and caring teachers, students learn and master the necessary skills to prepare for the future while becoming clinically stable. Our academic team works closely with the clinical team to support each student's treatment goals.

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What Classes Do We Offer?

Social Science Classes:
US History, US Government, World History and Economics.

Mathematics Classes:
Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II and Pre-Calculus.

Science Classes:
Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.

English Classes:
Reading and Writing workshop, Literature & Composition and Introduction to Rhetoric.

Every student is enrolled in a PE class each term.

Fine Arts Elective Classes:
Elective courses rotate and are subject to change:

  • Rock Band
  • Dance
  • Ceramics
  • Visual Arts
  • Photography
  • Fashion Design


College and Career Readiness:
Planning For the Future

Our academic program is a strong college preparatory curriculum that can be easily modified to accommodate the learning strengths and styles of every student.  Many of the students who enroll at La Europa Academy are college-bound. Others are learning about different careers.  La Europa provides support to increase a student’s executive functioning skills, life skills, college preparation and career exploration.  Each student is provided with a laptop to use for school projects.  We feel it is important for students to learn to use a computer appropriately when they return to their home school.   Students are able to set goals and plan for a future that they believe in and can be invested in.  Part of college readiness is taking the SAT or ACT test.  Students are able to prepare for and take these tests while they are at La Europa.


Parent Communication:
How is My Child Doing in School?

Parents have a voice in education at La Europa and we strive to answer all parent questions and needs. Our Academic Team understands that parents are essential to the academic success of a student.  We want to make sure parents receive the communication they need to be included in their child’s education.  Parents can schedule face to face meetings with their student’s teachers on the first day of our quarterly family seminars.  Parents are able to be an active participant in their student’s progress as they monitor progress, assignments and grades through our Family Connect Portal.