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Korana has been working for La Europa Academy since 2014. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Visual Arts with emphasis on Film and enjoys helping the students discover creative ways of telling their stories through art.

Her unique background and experiences have shaped her into the dynamic and tenacious person she is today. In mid 1990s Korana fled her war ravaged home country of Bosnia and Herzegovina. She lived in a Turkish refugee camp before immigrating to the United States. These experiences helped teach Korana resilience and the importance of working hard and always moving forward. She believes that one of the keys to overcoming adversity is to be hopeful about the future. This is something Korana works on instilling into everyone she meets, especially La Europa students.

Prior to coming to La Europa she worked as a medical translator and a case manager with the Utah refugee community.

When not at work you can find Korana enjoying her family, volunteering at senior centers and working in her darkroom to keep analog photography alive.