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 Jan enjoyed school while growing up, but it wasn't until she had a fabulous math teacher in high school that she was inspired to study it in college.  Jan earned her Bachelor Degree in Mathematics with a minor in Psychology.  She also earned a Secondary Education Teaching Certificate from Brigham Young University in 1991.

Jan is excited to be at La Europa Academy where she can combine her 15 years of teaching and one-on-one tutoring experience in a small classroom setting.  She believes that every single person can succeed at math.  Her goal is to meet each of the students at their level--wherever that may be and help them to grow their confidence and knowledge.  

Jan loves to travel, hike, and read.  Her favorite vacation is to do all three on the same day.  She's been to 20 countries, but never south of the equator.  That is next on her list.  She and her husband lived internationally before settling in California.  They raised five children who (mostly!) love mathematics.