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Jamie has years of experience at La Europa Academy. Her passion for working with youth is evident in everything she does, She has held several positions, including Youth Mentor, Team Lead, Physical Education Teacher,and has been involved in planning many activities for our students. All of these experiences have prepared her for her current position. 

As the Program Director of Mosaic House, Jamie’s goal is to help each student prepare to transition home from residential treatment by teaching imperative life skills, providing distinctive, individualized, real-life experiences, and crafting a supportive home environment. Her hope is that each student will have the emotional and life skills they need to be successful at home, college, or another school. Jamie also communicates with parents throughout each student’s stay at Mosaic House. 

In her free time, Jamie enjoys spending time outdoors, hiking, playing basketball, and spending time with her family. Her love of nature and physical activity reflects her commitment to promoting a healthy and active lifestyle among youth. She holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in English and an Associates Degree in Humanities and Social Sciences.