Main: 801.268.9300 | Admissions:  801.916.5696

Iris is passionate about helping others and has a desire to make a positive impact on the lives of young people. She understands the complexities that mental illness can have on a family so she was drawn to this field to help students who may be experiencing a similar situation. Iris began working at La Europa in 2020 as a staff mentor. Over her years at La Europa, she has worked in many different capacities. She found her way into a Residential leadership position and then coordinating logistics with students and their parents. While in the Logistics position, she realized her compassion not only for each student but the families they come from. She then had the opportunity to join the admissions team and truly enjoys assisting parents in
making informed decisions when finding the right placement for their child.

As the Admissions Counselor, Iris is responsible for conducting assessments, coordinating with referral sources, and ensuring that families receive the support they need throughout the admission process. She is dedicated to building strong relationships with clients and is committed to providing support to each family she works with. She is always available to answer questions and provide guidance throughout the treatment process.

When Iris is not working, you can find her spinning clay at a local pottery studio, snowboarding in the beautiful Wasatch mountains, or strolling through a local art festival.