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At La Europa Academy we provide levels of care and structure to best support our students.  Each level provides students with therapeutic intervention and life skills support that is appropriate to their needs.  Because student needs differ, not every student will be involved in all of these levels of care.  The majority of our students admit to the highest level of care, advancing to our LEAPS Program and then possibly Mosaic House.  Other students might admit directly to our On Point Program.  

La Europa Residential Treatment: 

This is our highest acuity level of care.  Many students who enroll on this level of care have completed other programs such as an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP), hospitalization or wilderness program.  They might also be coming directly from home without having much intervention.  Students arrive La Europa Academy needing more structure and a higher level of staff involvement to provide the support needed for success.  Students at this level need to build trust, establish safety and understand expectations.  Students receive intensive clinical intervention including individual, family and group therapy sessions.  

On Point Program:

This level provides a medium level of acuity.  The On Point Program is designed for those students who need less structure than traditional residential treatment, but still need intensive clinical work and skills practice.  The On Point student is not quite ready for the freedom of a transition program.  An On Point student receives residential treatment center services but not the intensive oversight and structure of a residential level of care.  They have completed some other type of short program elsewhere, but still need support to be successful. Students involved in the On Point Program live at Mosaic House and receive clinical and academic services at La Europa Academy's main campus.  


This level provides a medium level of acuity.  LEAPS stands for La Europa Academy Progressive Student. Our students may apply for the LEAPS program once they reach Level 4. There are a number of steps and goals they need to meet in order to get accepted.  In preparation for transition home, we use this time to literally transition the students to our transition home (just up the street), Mosaic House to have more time and opportunity to practice having a little less structure.  During this time, students continue to participate in academic and clinical programming, and then return to the transition residence in the evenings.

Mosaic House:  
Mosaic House provides our lowest level of acuity.  Mosaic House is a transition program geared for students who have fully completed the other levels of care La Europa. Student stay a minimum of four months.  During this time, students continue to work on clinical, academic and daily living goals. This is all done in a less structured environment than was provided at La Europa.  The Mosaic House experience includes:
  • Weekly individual or family therapy
  • Parent coaching
  • A choice of academic options designed to meet each student’s unique academic needs
  • Daily living skills
  • Activities tailored to a student's interests