At La Europa, fine arts are used therapeutically, academically and as a way for our students to build confidence and create a healthy identity. Our hope is that they will use creativity and the arts as a second language to help express their inner worlds.

Therapeutically, expressive therapists help our students to bridge the gap between the left brain, which holds our verbal, logical and critical functions, and the right brain, which holds our non-verbal, sensory and symbolic functions. Often insight generated in talk therapies, which are primarily left brain-oriented, does not translate into life change or emotional change because it lacks the whole brain integration.

Academically, La Europa has many art classes for students to learn or expand art skills. This not only earns credit for them but also allows students to explore potential career interests. Students who are intending to focus on the arts in college can begin or complete portfolio work for college admission.

Fine arts are used as a strength-based focus to building confidence. Through artistic expression, performance and community art experience, students build on talents, interests and strengths to develop a healthy identity. During our Fine Arts Festival, we witness the amazing transformation from struggling adolescent to confident young woman as our students perform for their parents, show leadership in organizing and producing the show or reflect on their artistic progress in our gallery showcase.