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Our students will have the opportunity to practice and expand skills, build repertoire as they tackle new situations, and deepen their understanding of their progress and learn what it will take to keep moving forward.  In this way, they get to experience one of the hardest parts of life: picking yourself up when you stumble!  We expect that both student and parent will still need support when the program is complete.

Many students leave treatment thinking that they should now handle everything well (or perfectly) and should not have any further challenges with mood regulation, peer relationships, substances, eating issues, etc.  Students often think that parents or others will be disappointed if they continue to struggle.  The reality is that they will still face challenges and will need to use what they have learned to work through those challenges.  We want them to leave knowing that no one expects perfection.  

During the transition phase at La Europa, students will be coached to handle the natural consequences, positive or negative, that come with everyday decisions.  We want to see them be challenged and struggle so we can support them through these situations while they have a lot of support, safety and with the people they have built solid relationships with.  They will learn and grow the most while applying their new skills.  We teach them to reach out for support, adjust a situation if needed and move forward stronger than ever.  

Call or email the Admissions Team for more information on the transition piece of our program.