What is the staff saying?

I have worked as a Residential Staff at La Europa for 9 months now. I have worked at other Residential Training Center's and also worked Wilderness as a staff. I enjoy working at La Europa Academy over other programs because it's a comfortable, safe cohesive environment for us as staff. La Europa gives us a chance to work side by side with the students. The students are allowed time to check-in with us so we can see how they're doing. I enjoy seeing the progression of the students in their programs. As a Residential Assistant, we are also given opportunities to go to Recreational Therapy with the students like ropes courses, hiking adventures, swimming in natural hot springs, and GEO Caching. La Europa programs provide fun activates like summer carnivals, fall hiking, winter skiing in the Utah mountains, spring gardening etc. There are constant opportunities for learning and growing as a staff with weekly and quarterly trainings. I appreciate the upper management here and all they do for us. They are dedicated to their team. I see my stay as a La Europa Residential Assistant long term. Thank you team for the Dream! 
~La Europa Academy Residential Staff 


I have been working at La Europa Academy for over 10 years now and there are many aspects in my experience here that I really enjoy. First of all, we as teachers work with residential staff and clinicians to help our students grow not just academically, but emotionally, physically and socially.  I also love that we have actual school here, since many residential treatment centers opt for packet or online school.  I believe that the classroom community method, with discussions and group projects, is the most motivational way for students to learn. In addition, our classes are small.  My average class consists of 8 students at a time.  This gives me time to really assess student understanding and minimizes the risk of having them falling through the cracks. We have a great academic team and we love teaching our students.

 ~La Europa Academy Teacher  

Being a therapist at La Europa Academy (LEA) for 7 years has been broadening, enhancing, fun, enjoyable, stretching, connecting and very worthwhile.  I appreciate the team and co-workers I've been able to join hands with around the work we do, and the immense learning I have experienced as well.  I've had good friends come into my life at LEA.  Working as a therapist here in an individual, family and group capacity has blessed me with opportunities to know and work with people on personal, vulnerable levels, which I feel honored and grateful for.  Youth brings a dynamic experience, rich with joy and challenge, ripe in adolescent programs like La Europa Academy.  Longer-term therapy processes allow for deeper work, in my experience, and LEA provides a valuable venue for such.  It has also brought me rich learning around important modalities, such as DBT, which have influenced not only my practice, but also my way of perceiving things in general.  LEA provides some unique and creative programming that I feel lucky to be exposed to and part of, and I will value the relationships I've built here for many years to come.  I'm a different therapist than I was 7 years ago, and owe much of that to the growing experiences I've encountered at LEA, which has also helped me learn more about myself at the same time.  

~La Europa Academy Therapist