Here is what our Parents are saying about LA Europa!

"It is for sure a hard journey and one that never really ends but LA Europa has done an amazing job for my daughter and for the entire family - parents, siblings and all. Hard for sure but well worth it. We really had no idea of what to expect but once we learned to trust the the process it made a dramatic improvement and set us on the path. It requires work, discovery and some discomfort  for the entire family, but the therapist lead you through it. In my case we learned not to expect perfection but significant improvement and a path to growth, and for sure we got all of that. My opinion is you have to stick with the full program and commit for it to be effective.  The staff is quite amazing and from my perspective they are constantly looking for ways to improve and grow. It's expensive and hard but in our case we couldn't afford not to do it. I also felt that the kids were quite special, and La Europa helps many of them unlock that".

~La Europa Parent 2015

"Our daughter recently graduated after 11 months. She has learned from the incredible staff team there that she is a good person, she does matter and that she has a life worth living. She understands now the harm she was incurring from the things she was doing. She has an understanding why she was seeking these actions to cover for other things. The La Europa team gets it. I strongly believe my daughter has a very good chance to be a successful person and I felt equally strong that she was going in the exact opposite direction before La Europa. They are very good at achieving the desired goal. A great deal of the result is whether or not the parents buy into the program as much as if the students do.

I will miss the team there very much."

 ~ La Europa Parent 2013

"I cannot say enough great things about the program and the staff at La Europa. My 15-year-old daughter struggled with horrible anger, depression and substance issues and also had an eating disorder. It was no longer safe for her to live at  home for fear she would run away, hurt herself or someone else, including her younger sister. Life became very hopeless for her and for our entire family. While La Europa is expensive, it's not any more so than any other program, but what I feel differentiates this program from others is the staff. They truly care about each girl, and they have a fabulous focus on family work.  The treatment is highly coordinated and sophisticated in its approach. After 11 months of being there, my daughter is a completely different  young woman, able to reset  herself when she gets upset and now able to spend quality time with all of us as a family. She willingly went on to a transition program, which is amazing to us. Cannot say enough great about this place---the staff there will forever be family to us."

~ La Europa Parent 2013