La Europa Academy both provides for and nurtures a culture of wellness in our program. Our strength-based approach is the foundation for teaching the skills for a balanced and vibrant life-style. Every day through food choices, exercise and yoga our girls learn to develop their own wellness philosophy.

Dietician:  Many of our students have struggled with healthy food choices and benefit from contracted services with our dietician who will create a meal plan with your daughter, set nutrition goals, and explore the concepts of mindful eating, recognizing bodily cues to hunger and satiety.

Meal Planning:  La Europa Academy employs a full-time cook and our menu is planned with a dietician. Each meal offers a variety of food options including whole grains, fresh fruit and vegetables.  

Physical Activity:  The girls participate in planned physical activity a minimum of five days per week including strength-training three times per week, yoga, dance classes and varied aerobic options. Attendance at the local recreation center three to four times per week offers a variety of exercise choices. The students and staff participate in organized 5K runs in the warm weather season and downhill skiing, snowshoe hikes, cross-country skiing and snowboarding activities during the winter months. La Europa Academy is located within 30 minutes of several world- renowned ski resorts.  Additionally, several times annually, La Europa girls take trips to explore the mountains and canyons of Utah in ways that are therapeutic as well as healthy.

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Our girls learn a variety of different skills that build to a full and healthy lifestyle!