Study Skills

Many of the students at La Europa Academy struggle with organization, planning, task initiation and time management.  Students learn how to manage these aspects of academic success in a daily study skills class.   In this class, students learn how to organize their assignments, prioritize their work, break tasks down into smaller components and move through frustration when they are struggling with a subject.  The study skills teacher provides direct instruction to students in the class, checks their work and helps them achieve their academic goals.

Credit Remediation

Emotional challenges often lead to poor school attendance or lack of follow through on homework resulting in the student falling behind in credits.  At La Europa Academy, students are able to recover credits or complete partial credits.  This can be done in one of two ways:

  • Coordination with the student’s high school to complete a partial credit
  • Online courses for specific requirements not taught at La Europa

Our fifth period class is specifically designed to allow students the time they need to catch up.  Also, our school year has five terms (for .25 or quarter credit) instead of four so students typically end up moving ahead with credits during their stay at La Europa.