Practice! Practice! Practice!

The residential milieu is another primary vehicle for change at La Europa. The structure and community activities are in place to promote healing and develop resiliency in our students as well as keeping them engaged, learning and practicing new insights. There are three core components of our residential milieu that provide the "container" for the student to learn about herself and explore changes:

  • Daily program structure: Many of our students struggle with structuring their own time and respond well to a structured schedule. This reduces anxiety and helps students manage emotions as well as providing many "teachable" moments throughout the day to coach students on the use of new skills, time management strategies and handling social interactions. Our daily structure includes chore time, quiet/reflection time, physical activity, school, therapy, social interaction and activities.
  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) interventions: At La Europa, we use a variety of DBT interventions to help students understand their behavior, learn to break behaviors down into smaller action steps and identify and practice effective skills to effectively manage behavior and emotions. Learn more about DBT at La Europa, click here.