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As an important part of the arts, La Europa offers many musical opportunities. Our students attend musicals, operas, ballets, symphonies and concerts. Our students have also performed in community musical theater. Private lessons are also offered to La Europa students with professional teachers that come to the residence. They can study piano, voice, guitar, drums, strings, dance - or almost any other discipline they request. 

Music therapy is unlike a music class, where students might learn techniques and focus on performance, music therapy's goals include expression of feelings, self-soothing, and emotional release. In music therapy, clinical goals may be achieved using a variety of musical experiences including music improvisation with instruments, song-writing or lyric analysis, and music meditation. At La Europa, our music therapist specializes in the Mother Muse Model of Music Therapy, which is particularly effective with adolescent girls. In this method, the music provides structure, focuses on attachment processes, and functions as a non-verbal form of communication for students to explore and address their core issues and other stumbling blocks.