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Students who complete the La Europa residential program may be eligible to continue their transition journey as a Mosaic House Resident.  The treatment team and parents will determine if the student will benefit from continued support with more responsibilities and less restrictions.  Students accepted to the Mosaic House Resident Program must commit to be engaged, motivated, and willing to continue their therapeutic journey.  Each student will be given the opportunity to apply the skills they have learned at La Europa to assist and help them maintain their forward momentum.  The goal is for them to solidify the gains they made at the La Europa program.  

Mosaic House Residents will be experiencing some of the following (possibly for the first time):

  • Access to technology
  • Leaving campus without staff supervision
  • Getting a job
  • Attending school outside of La Europa
  • Joining community support groups
  • Volunteering
  • Managing a budget
  • Keeping a calendar with appointments

 And More!

 Mosaic House Residents will be required to meet the following expectations:

  • Attend therapy two times per week and check in often with their assigned coach/mentor on a regular basis.
  • Arrive on time to school and/or work, keeping up with expectations and assignments without staff support through prompts or reminders.
  • Ask for help when needed, and accept help when offered.
  • Comply with all rules and expectations.  Give feedback and reminders to other residents when needed.
  • Set and work toward Phase 3 goals.
  • Continue maintaining parent academic expectations.
  • Continue appropriate performance at work without disciplinary action.
  • Treat other residents and staff with respect and dignity.
  • Demonstrate leadership in house expectations including chores, cooking, house meeting, etc.  This could include appropriately helping peers resolve conflict, encouraging peers to make effective choices, agreeing to do a chore that is not being done to help the house function. 
  • Check in with a coach as needed to get schedule approval, troubleshoot any transportation or other logistical issues, and practice effective communication regarding your needs, wants and responsibilities.
  • Continue consistently managing emotions and stress in effective ways without engaging in self-destructive behavior. 

Program completion is determined when parents, the student, and the treatment team see that the transition goals have been achieved.  The length of stay is dependent on a student's individual transition plan.