The Level System

At La Europa the therapeutic model is client-centered in that we are willing to work in the way that best serves each individual student.  However, there are some guiding principles to the way we conceptualize our students and how we work with them therapeutically to help them make the needed changes. The level system at La Europa is designed to provide additional structure for the therapeutic process. As students move through the program, the level system assists them in mastering challenges that are presented along the way and rewards them for efforts with more privileges. Our level system is not used as a punishment but as a support to help students succeed by providing another part of the "container" that becomes more flexible as the student progresses.

The level system is set up so that our students work on getting ineffective behaviors and emotions in control. Students will work on tolerating and dealing more effectively with tough emotions. By working through the level system students should begin to understand that the normal ups and downs of everyday life do not mean that they need to backslide into ineffective behaviors. 

Students and parents will receive more details on the level system at the start of the program.