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LEAPS stands for La Europa Academy Progressive Student. Our students may apply for the LEAPS program once they reach Level 4. There are a number of steps and goals they need to meet in order to get accepted.  In preparation for transition home, we use this time to literally transition the students to our transition home (just up the street), Mosaic House to have more time and opportunity to practice having a little less structure.  During this time, students continue to participate in academic and clinical programming, and then return to the transition residence in the evenings.

The LEAPS program gently challenges the false sense of security that can occur in the highly contained environment of residential treatment. The student demonstrates mastery in the tightly structured setting but has not yet been challenged to expand skills into new contexts as will be required when a student leaves treatment. The LEAPS program gives our students the opportunity to gain experience in dealing with the normal bumps that accompany change in an environment that is supportive and take more initiative in their own healing. It also gives parents the opportunity to step back into the role of supporting their child on a more frequent basis while responding to the inevitable missteps of early recovery, all in preparation for returning home.

The LEAPS Program helps the student and the La Europa Treatment Team assess the following:

  • Parent-Student Relationship:  Students have the opportunity to contact parents more often.  This allows parents and the student to practice the new skills they have been learning. This allows our team additional information to support the family relationship prior to discharge. 
  • Daily Self-Management:  Students have the opportunity to make more choices about how their time is structured, whether they are following through on tasks, assignments and managing basic self-care.  Students will have staff support, but are encouraged to take the initiative on daily living skills.  
  • Using Coping Skills:  LEAPS gives students more opportunities to use the coping skills they have learned in a wider variety of settings and encourages student to become more fluid in their skill use. 
  • Ability to handle a set back:  The recovery process isn't always a linear procession forward.  It is a process of trial and error.  Being able to "bounce back" from a poor choice is an important step for both students and parents.  Learning how to recover from a lapse into old behavior, thinking pattern or emotional state gives students and parents the chance to see who the student looks to for support, what skills they use, and how they manage the inevitable pressure to "get it right".
  • Allows for increase in electronic privileges: When students are ready for the reintroduction to electronic devices, they will be given staff supervised time to begin navigating the online world again.