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Eric says that considering that he spent most of his time in high school avoiding high school, it is amazing that he ended up a teacher. As a student Eric was disinterested in the factory model of school and bored with the low expectations and routine. Consequently he spent most of his time rock climbing or at the coffee shop waiting for college to start. By the time he graduated high school, Eric was resentful that his time had been so unfulfilling.

When it was time to choose a career, reflecting on his own school experience showed plainly that the most rewarding and interesting profession that suited his personality would be teaching history. After all, what could be more interesting than learning about everything that has ever happened on earth? Eric received his Bachelors Degree in History Teaching with a Minor in Geography from the University of Utah in 2006.  Eric is now working on his Masters Degree in Industrial Design and Education Technology from the University of Utah.

At La Europa Eric feels that he can provide the students with an education that is more interesting and valuable than the average high school experience. By teaching small groups of students Eric can make the subjects and lessons more interesting and relevant. Eric loves that he can get to know his students strengths and help to develop them as they explore human history together. He has been at La Europa since 2006 and plans to stay for a long, long time!