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In addition to the four main courses of study in which each student will be engaged while at La Europa Academy, there are a range of elective courses available as well. 

Courses to Meet Specific High School Requirements

La Europa Academy will help students meet requirements from the state granting their diploma.  All states have specific graduation criteria which might include classes such as Geography, Financial Literacy, Spanish or another foreign language.  These classes can be taken online with support from teachers, the Academic Director an/or tutors from the community.   

Arts Courses

La Europa Academy offers a variety of elective course options to help each student explore areas of interest and/or talent.  We offer over twelve art electives throughout the course of the academic year. The elective course schedule can include (courses may vary depending on the availability of local artists/teachers):

  • Digital Photography
  • Rock Band
  • Ceramics
  • Song Writing
  • Costume Makeup
  • Fashion Design
  • Fabric Arts
  • Dance
  • Creative Writing
  • Bookbinding and Design
  • Drawing and Painting