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Dance, yoga, and movement are used to help our students not only with self-expression but also with exploring body image issues and developing a healthy body image.  Movement expression helps students learn about their sensory experience and be able to recognize the connection between bodily sensation and motion.  This increases student's ability to accurately label their feelings and regulate their emotions.

Freedom of movement is taught rather than technique to allow expression and to help students feel more comfortable with themselves and their bodies. The benefit of free-flowing dance group and not restrictive steps allows one's true emotions to not be hindered by technical skill of the movement. After experiencing dance group, they can talk about their feelings more freely and tear down the walls they have created between themselves and other people. Often times we work in partners or smaller groups where the students work with each other through movement, using appropriate touch, body language, and problem-solving techniques to create their own discoveries of themselves and others.

The objective in Dance Group is to help our students to rediscover themselves, thus developing a greater self-awareness and a sense of well-being.  As with Art and Recreational therapy groups, this is an opportunity for expression and understanding that addresses issues on a different level than traditional talk therapy.