Although La Europa is licensed as a residential treatment center and provides a sophisticated clinical program, we believe in community interaction in order to normalize the treatment experience as much as possible for our students and help them practice the skills they are learning. This increases their chances for a successful transition back home.

Community Involvement

La Europa students get out into the community often. There are a couple of activities over the weekend, dinner off-campus Saturday evening and a student-choice community activity on Sunday, and almost daily trips off-campus to exercise and participate in yoga. These activities are part of our programming schedule and happen regularly. Our students also participate in a variety of off-campus activities like community service, yoga, musicals, skiing, music concerts, community 5k’s, local sports games, Humane Society, arcades, hikes, and more. We do our best to tailor these activities to the interests of the milieu. 

During most school terms, La Europa offers an elective service-learning course that will provide students with an opportunity to explore community-based art education through the theoretical exploration and practical application of art that creates community while affecting positive change. Students will explore the aesthetic, historical, political and sociocultural aspects of community-based art and will work collaboratively with other students and community members to plan and implement a community-based artwork or art project.