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Our residence is attractive, spacious and home-like building on the theme of "Europe", after our name, all our bedrooms are designated as popular European cities! We generally have three students to a bedroom and each bedroom has its own large bathroom. Each student has room for their own personal belongings.

At La Europa, we divide our student population into two separate communities--Redwood Community and Willow Community. We believe that smaller student groups allow for more intensive staff interaction, less social pressure and fewer stimuli to manage daily for students who are sensitive to the noise and activity level of larger communities. Our staffing ratio is 1 staff for every 4 students which not only provides safety for all students but allows our staff to work with each student more intensively on their treatment plan.

Our residential staff at La Europa are hired for their ability to connect with teens and to provide healthy role models to the students. Many of our residential staff are in the process of seeking higher degrees to work in the helping professions and role model resiliency, strength and goal-orientation for our students.