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Mosaic House is a home separate from La Europa where students stay a minimum of four months.  During this time, students continue to work on clinical, academic and daily living goals. This is all done in a less structured environment than was provided at La Europa.  The Mosaic House experience includes:

  • Weekly individual or family therapy
  • Parent coaching
  • A choice of academic options designed to meet each student’s unique academic needs
  • Daily living skills
  • Activities tailored to a student's interests


Mosaic House Mission

Mosaic House is a nurturing, home-like environment that provides adolescent girls 14 – 18 years of age with opportunities to practice life skills while refining their executive functioning through real world application. Students transition to more freedom and less structure with support, guidance and planning.  Mosaic House staff use a DBT coaching model to assist our students toward self-sufficiency and early adulthood.

The Mosaic House Philosophy

I do it.   We do it.  You do it.  Mosaic House staff coach students through the process of integrating new skills by first demonstrating, then collaborating and finally coaching the student to use the new skill herself.

Privileges based on Performance – Students are gradually given more privileges as they prove that they can handle the appropriately.

Boundaries and Consequences  - It is understood that students will have boundaries and limits and that there will be consequences if boundaries are violated.  Parents are a part of the process of establishing boundaries and applying consequences.

It’s going to get messy – and we will handle it together!  Mosaic House creates a co-parenting team to help the student and the parents navigate through predictable regressions in behavior that occur through the process of generalizing skills to a new environment.



The Mosaic House treatment team evaluates a resident’s progress based on the qualities of THEME during weekly treatment team meetings. Student’s progress in each area is evaluated according to a low, medium or high level of Trust, Honest, Effectiveness, Maturity and Energy the student is demonstrating daily in respects to her 5 Primary Goals for her phase at the time of the treatment team.